Is it possible?

Is it possible to share just how much you appreciate someone even if you have never meet? Through personal quotes, simple word’s I don’t think I really realized how much I have learned to appreciate life and all who are in it . All that I have I’d easily give up just to spend as much time as possible with those I love. Things are just that , things and possessions. But the love in your heart cannot be bought, it’s a feeling of appreciation, happiness  and human kindness. A smile can spread happiness throughout a room faster than any of us can think. A hug is always wonderful but when it comes from the heart it means so much more. I love to watch others, and listen to what they have to say and learn from them. Enjoy them while they are here. Treasure all that they say and hold it close. I prefer to give than receive. When I think of someone, I try to remember their likes and dislikes and let them know I’m actually listening. Favorite colors, animals, flowers. What interest them. You will never learn if you don’t listen. Let them know how much you appreciate them always. People tell me I’m nice and sweet. I try to be. I will never think of myself as beautiful because my beauty comes from my heart.  I don’t take compliments well. I often don’t communicate well but I try my best. I’ve learned to appreciate nature, thru sights & sounds ,  all it has to offer. Always thank people, be kind. Don’t hate! Treat others as you would like to be treated. Knowing my dream may never come true, I have to except it. I only feel bad because I feel I’m letting them down on the other side of that dream. I don’t want to do that ever! Eat healthy, stay strong. Take care of yourself. Help others as much as possible. And always with a smile. You will never know how much I appreciate you and all you have shared throughout your life with so many. Teaching us lessons on the way has help me become who I am. For that I’m truly greatful.. I truly believe in all you do and will continue to watch and learn and continue to grow appreciating as much as I can from one who is so strong in all areas of life. You are a great teacher,mentor, and friend to so many..I just want you to know I appreciate and love you . Thank you.💖.


words I treasure

As I grew up in a house with 6 kids I was always whoever you are, whatever your name is, you know I’m talking to you. I have to laugh. I guess I learned in my own way that everyone deserves their own space and respect. But I learned from someone I respect very much later in life a great deal of other things I treasure to this day. Always do your best, if it’s not good enough try again until your satisfied or it is good enough. Always look your best. Always be the best person you can be from the inside. Be nice always, smile, be curious, respectful, kind. I always think of others before myself. I can wait. I always do.. happily , 🙂 Learn as much as you possibly can, you never know when you might need to know something. Remember to have fun. Just a very few of the many.. most important have love in heart and always share it. Just a few. I treasure them all, and I’ll never stop learning or appreciating all I have learned so far, and I’ll never stop thanking you. Thank you.💖

Scared and talking too much

Lately I have been on the sites alot, maybe too much. I’ve had s wish in my ear that I talk too much. I’m really sorry about that! In two weeks I’ll be having surgery which I’ll be sedated for 4 hours , and with every surgery I’ve had in the past I have always woken up in the middle . It’s very scary. I’ve never had my nose broken before on purpose, I’ve has some sinus surgery but it’s been 20+yrs. But this is going to take 4 hours. I’ve had so many xrays of my head, I’m glowing, I’ve broken ribs from coughing, more xrays, had to have a stress test even more xrays and now a bunch of bloodwork. 11 antibiotics 2 were steroids, this is absolutely crazy.. im so tired if staying in but I get tired fast. I don’t want to get anyone else sick so I stay away. Mornings and nights are the worst. Coughing. Headaches. I haven’t been able to breath through my nose in months. My brave family has eaten my cooking that I have been trying to season but I can’t taste either so what good does seasoning do.. I hope it’s not to spicy or crazy.. . I’m very nervous about all this, so I have tried to keep my mind preoccupied. I guess talking has become a past time. I’m sorry if I’m invading space or disrespecting anyone , I certainly do mean to. I’ve tried to draw. I’m having trouble concentrating. It’s hard to draw when all you get from those at home are you tried, and harsh words. It kinda puts a damper on something you started as a fun hobby. Once again I’m sorry I talk to much. 😕

how does 1 care so much?

For Stefanie Powers

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Butterflies-wallpaper-10263115How is it possible to have so much love in your heart for someone you have never met? Just the mere thought make me smile and feel so happy inside. I’ve been following her for 30 yrs , love to watch, listen, and learn from her. The love she has in her heart goes on forever for animals, conservation, and many heart felt charities. Theater and dancing, singing she is brilliant. And of course Gorgeous . And will never old , she doesn’t have time for it, her clock runs backwards she is a beautiful 30 at 73. I guess I’m very proud that I can even be a fan club member, but honored that she allows us to stand behind her. She doesn’t know I exist , but she lives in my heart daily. I’m so happy your Dreams are coming true Stefanie Powers  and all my friends I’ve…

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Can I please Thank you?

I want to Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for all that you do that makes such a very big difference in this world that we live in. Never in my life have I ever seen someone  work 24 -7 for the good of Animals and the earth around them. For the education about them, what they eat, do ,need, etc. But also what makes them happy and thrive. How to improve the species.  Your work is truly Amazing. And that’s only a little touch of it. You have become a very big inspiration to me, I will never learn enough about animals Im a slow learner but I try, I love them. Every new animal I see is a whole new ball game for me trying to find out what it is. I’ve been learning to draw them lately but I’m not very good. I know your time is precious, in between shows your still doing a million things +2, I just wanted to say Thank you for being you, a Heart of Harts . Thank you for continually inspiring us on a daily basis.


I care

Once again I have hurt someone I care very much about, not trying, but wording things wrong. I would never hurt anyone intentionally for any reason but apparently I’ve stepped on some feet I just hope I haven’t broken any toes. Maybe a good slap upside my head would work, just please not my right lung or side, it’s very tender. But I would deserve that too. This will be my last post. I’m truly sorry . Please forgive me. I would expect nothing less than a good scolding, but as I sit here shaking and crying, all I can think about Is I can  only wish you a great spring, summer and fall. And have the best time you can be happy, healthy and all. Wishing you happiness always. Chris.